Sarah Orr
As part of an $11.6 million research initiative, Biological Sciences postdoctoral fellow Sarah Orr will leverage a new USDA Fellowship to study the impact of synthetic pesticides on bumblebees — a key pollinator for U.S. agricultural production.
NSF and NIH Funded Postdocs can now register to attend PHIL 6000 (RCR) in Fall 2013 through OSP Training
NSF and NIH Funded Postdocs can now register to attend PHIL 6000 (RCR) in Spring 2014 through OSP Training
New Engineering Faculty Members, All Hailing from Georgia Tech ECE. Top row (l-r): Maad Alowaifeer, Bahar Asgari, Ningyuan Cao, Zackory Erickson, and Yan Fang. Bottom row (l-r): Min-gu Kim, Jingfei Liu, Oluwaseun Sangodoyin, Wonbo Shim, and Jong-Hyeok Yoon.
Ten recently minted Georgia Tech ECE Ph.D. graduates and postdoctoral fellows/associates have been hired into faculty positions around the world, despite a difficult and challenging job market.
GT students take top honors
Top honor went to Andrew Medford, Joshua Gomberg
U.S. District Court approves the DHS requested stay through May 10, 2016.
For new faculty, the university environment is not necessarily new but can be an overwhelming entity of operations during the first years. At Tech, many find their place among their peers on campus through mentoring.
Fulbright is offering grants to recent graduates.
The United States & China recently agreed to extend visa terms for visitors.
Yiying Zhu
ECE Postdoctoral Research Fellow Yiying Zhu has been invited to attend the 2018 Rising Stars Workshop, hosted by the MIT Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.