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If you still have questions about postdoc issues not covered on this site, email questions to postdocs@gatech.edu.

General FAQs

Are postdocs at Tech eligible for U.S. student loan deferment?

Usually, student or trainee status is required to be eligible for deferment of U.S. student loans. You should check with the policy of the individual program to be sure. Anyone with the job title Postdoctoral Fellow or Brittain Fellow at Georgia Tech has employee status (as this provides the employee benefits options).

Postdoctoral Fellows and Brittain Fellows do not have a trainee or student status.

Scholars who receive a stipend via a postdoctoral fellowship or training grant may have trainee status, depending on the policy of the funding agency. Most scholars in this situation have "affiliate" status in the Georgia Tech Directory.

Where can I find information about taxes?

As a postdoc, can I enroll in Tech courses?

To enroll in courses, you have to be an admitted Tech student. In order for a postdoc to enroll, they must first apply to become a non-degree seeking student using the procedure detailed on the Georgia Tech Undergraduate Admission website.

International scholars holding J1 exchange visitor visas usually cannot take classes, because that's one of the terms of the exchange visitor program on campus.

Where do I get training to handle animals as a part of my research?

  1. Visit the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) website.
  2. Go the “Required Training” section, and click on the CITI Program logo image. This takes you to the CITI website where you can complete training modules.
  3. Go to the forms section of the IACUC website, and download the appropriate form (usually “IACUC Amendment to Add or Delete Personnel on Protocol”). Each form details which CITI training modules you are required to complete. Once you’ve finished the training modules, your PI will submit that form to IACUC.
  4. If you have any questions, contact the IACUC.

Are videos of any past professional development workshops available online?

We're planning to video tape sessions in the future. Meanwhile, we've compiled a page of online videos and webinars from Tech and other organizations.

Is there a confidential way to report or provide feedback about an issue that came up?

The Grievance Pathways document (DOCX) provides guidance on where you can report various issues. Confidential consultations are available via Advocacy and Conflict Resolution.

Fellowships and Grants

Can a postdoc be a principal investigator (PI) on a grant?

Postdocs can be the PI on individual postdoctoral fellowships (NIH F32 Individual Postdoctoral Fellowships, NSF Postdoctoral Fellowships, fellowships from private agencies, etc.) under the mentorship of a faculty member.

For all other grants, the Office of Sponsored Projects PI/PD Eligibility Policy states that, "At the recommendation of the appropriate school chair/department head, a postdoc employee may be designated as a co-PD/co-PI.”

Will accepting a fellowship affect my employment status or benefits?

Many postdoctoral fellowships and training grants do come with conditions that affect Tech employment status and benefits. For a consultation about how fellowship conditions might affect you, email postdocs@gatech.edu.

Will accepting a fellowship affect my visa status?

It depends of the terms of the fellowship and the visa. Before accepting a fellowship, international scholars should check with the appropriate office (Office of International Education for F1/J1 visas or Global HR for H1B visas) for a consultation on whether the fellowship will affect the visa status.

Does Tech have any awards/sources/funds to which a postdoc can apply for assistance with travel, conferences, or professional development?

The only campus-wide source of travel funds for postdocs is the Georgia Tech Postdoctoral Research Symposium awards.