Members of the Tech community are encouraged to let us know about events, fellowships, and other opportunities of interest to postdocs. We are always happy to advertise these opportunities via this website and in our email newsletters.

About Our Newsletter

  • The Office of Postdoctoral Services emails newsletters (usually every Tuesday) that provide information about events, fellowships, resources, and other opportunities of interest.
  • New hires with the titles "Postdoctoral Fellow", "Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow", "Postdoctoral Scholar", and "Brittain Fellow" are added to the mailing list at the middle of each month.
  • All members of the Georgia Tech community are welcome to subscribe to our newsletter.

Events and News

  • To have items automatically appear on this website and in our newsletters, add the keyword "postdocs" to your event or news item on Mercury (Tech's news/events system).
  • If there is not a Mercury item, email with the event title, time, location, description, registration link, and contact information. Please send the information at least two weeks prior to the event, so that the announcement can be included in an upcoming newsletter.

Postdoctoral Fellowships and Other Opportunities

  • Email with all of the relevant information in text format (no attachments).
  • These types of announcements will be included in an upcoming newsletter. Fellowships will also be added to our list of postdoctoral fellowships periodically.

Open Postdoctoral Positions

  • Postdoctoral positions at Tech can be advertised on the Georgia Tech Careers site and/or on school/unit websites.
  • Open postdoctoral positions are not currently advertised on this website or in our newsletters.

Recognition for Postdocs Receiving Awards and Accolades

Tech postdocs are doing great things and deserve to be recognized! Please email information about postdoc accomplishments to