Irene Daboin teaches Psychology and the Pursuit of Happiness
A couple of Georgia Tech courses are in pursuit of happiness. The newest course was inspired by a New York Times story in spring 2018 about Yale University’s most popular class — a class on happiness.
Check out eight places beyond Atlanta to explore this summer.
Exhibition artifact by Brendan Flynn based on No Small Plans, a comic about the history of urban development in Chicago published by the Chicago Architecture Foundation.
Students will showcase comics created for their ENGL 1102 course this Wednesday, April 18, from 6 to 8 p.m. by the third floor main stairwell of Clough Commons.
One hundred ninety-two underrepresented minority students and postdocs attend the 2018 Focus Program, representing 81 colleges and universities from 32 states and four countries.
For 27 years, Georgia Tech’s Focus Program has brought high-achieving students from diverse backgrounds to campus. This month, 192 students and postdocs attended, representing 81 colleges and universities from 32 states and four countries.
GT students take top honors
Top honor went to Andrew Medford, Joshua Gomberg
The six-week courses are designed for spouses of matriculated Tech students and visiting scholars.
Human Resources provides guidance on how to use your leave for maternity.
One important life change that requires benefits planning is welcoming a new child.
Under the new system, all Tech employees fall under one of three classifications: academic faculty, research faculty, and staff
University System of Georgia
Employees’ once-a-year opportunity to update and enroll in benefits is coming soon: Monday, October 31 through Friday, November 11.
This year's festival will have more than 100 events on offer for those of all ages interested in exploring the worlds of science and technology