Interested in submitting an NSF CAREER proposal? NSF is hosting a webinar on the topic.
Grad students are postdocs are invited to partake in a full day of interactive sessions which will focus on non-traditional, interactive teaching methods that promote engagement in the classroom.
Showcase of the awesome research of Georgia Tech's postdocs
The National Nuclear Security Administration and their Management & Operating Partners will be hosting an event on Tuesday, August 27th 2:30 PM - 5:00 PM Press Room A. and B of the Student Success Center.

A brief overview of the places students can live in the Atlanta area.

Blue Donkey Coffee (BDC) product team provides tips that we can use to elevate our home-brewed coffee.

Mary K. Holder from the School of Psychology provides tips for managing stress to keep your mind sharp during those final weeks of the semester. 

For new faculty, the university environment is not necessarily new but can be an overwhelming entity of operations during the first years. At Tech, many find their place among their peers on campus through mentoring.

After 19 years of service to Tech, Cozzens, vice provost for Graduate Education and Faculty Development (VPGEFD), will retire on June 30. 

Last year, there were nearly 100 counts of theft at Georgia Tech — not physical theft, but theft of words.