The Office of International Education is rolling out the red carpet for the world premiere of “Cultural Transitions.”  The movie’s world premiere will take place on Wednesday, September 3rd during OIE’s “Cultural Transitions” session.

“Cultural Transitions” is a forty minute movie produced by the Office of International Education in association with GA Tech’s Buzz Studios.  The film includes live action scenes performed by Georgia Tech students as well as interviews with international students.  The scenes and interviews cover a number of topics related to the cultural challenges that international students face when arriving in the United States.  These topics include language barriers, building friendships with U.S Americans, religion and dating in the U.S.  The movie also covers the cultural aspects of space, time and appearance and how these concepts vary from one country to another.  The purpose of the film is to ease the transition for new international students. However, non-international students, staff and faculty will also learn a lot from the film as it provides them with a better understanding of the international student perspective and experience. 

The movie will be first screened on September 2nd at the Cast and Crew Party.  Students who participated in the production of the movie have been invited to attend the party.  The party will give the cast and crew the opportunity to view the movie as well as pretend to be a “celebrity” as they walk a red carpet, have their photos taken by “paparazzi,” and get the chance to win an “OIE Oscar.”

The movie’s world premiere will take place on Wednesday, September 3rd during OIE’s “Cultural Transitions” session.  This event will take place at 4pm in Van Leer West 200 and include a viewing of the film and a panel of returning international students who will share stories and tips to new international students.  This session is the finale to OIE’s International Welcome Series which includes a number of sessions and events to prepare new international students to Georgia Tech and the United States.  However, all members of the GA Tech community are invited to attend the session for the world premiere. The “Cultural Transitions” movie will also be posted on OIE’s website in the coming weeks for those who cannot attend the session.