Georgia Tech has the following set of expectations of postdocs:

  1. Adherence to ethical standards, which, prior to assuming duties, includes a background check (per USG Board of Regents Policy);
  2. Conscientious discharge of assigned duties;
  3. Collegial conduct toward coworkers; 
  4. Compliance with good research practices and recognized Georgia Tech standards;
  5. Open and timely discussion with the supervisor regarding research progress, distribution of reagents or materials, or any disclosure of findings or techniques privately or in publications;
  6. For appointees with formal instructional responsibilities, active participation in training and assessment activities related to instructional duties;
  7. Publication of research and/or scholarship during the period of the appointment, in consultation with the mentor;
  8. When leaving Georgia Tech, provide the faculty supervisor with as much notice as possible and leave behind the appropriate data, computer files, and tangible research materials; and
  9. Compliance with all sponsor, Georgia Tech, and USG policies and procedures, including observation of established guidelines for research involving biohazards, human subjects, or animals, and successfully completing any mandatory trainings or workshops (e.g. Ethics Module and Responsible Conduct of Research training).

The postdoc should be supervised by a faculty member in the unit to which the appointee is assigned. Georgia Tech has the following set of expectations of faculty supervisors:

  1. Provides guidance on the postdoc’s research and scholarship goals, as well as the postdoc’s overall career development; 
  2. Helps the postdoc acquire knowledge and skills based on their current and future needs; 
  3. At the time that training begins, provides the postdoc with a written description of assigned duties and expectations together with a description of the goals and objectives of the training program; 
  4. Regularly and frequently communicates with the postdoc about expectations and goals for assigned duties and projects;
  5. Provides written assessments of the postdoc’s performance at least annually (required by USG Board of Regents Policy and Georgia Tech);
  6. Communicates any changes in funding or support that could affect the length of the appointment to the postdoc as soon as possible.
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