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Recognizing that postdocs are in growth positions and striving for professional advancement, they are entitled to formal evaluations by their faculty mentors. USG Board of Regents and Georgia Tech policy (see Faculty Handbook section 3.1.2 Faculty Salaries and Evaluations) specify that written performance evaluations must occur on at least an annual basis. 

In addition, use of Individual Development Plans (IDP) is strongly recommended by Georgia Tech as well as some funding agencies. The Individual Development Plan is created by the individual postdoc to identify professional development goals and career objectives, and can serve as a tool to communicate these goals between the postdoc and the mentor(s). While the IDP may inform the postdoc’s performance evaluation, it should be noted that these documents have different purposes; the IDP is written by the postdoc to outline his/her own progress and goals, while the performance evaluation is the supervisors’ assessment of the postdoc’s efforts.

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