Enroll in Benefits (Employees)

For Postdoctoral Fellows, Teaching Postdocs, Brittain Fellows and other employees:

Information on benefits and an opportunity to talk with a benefits counselor is provided during new employee orientation. Enrollment information for new employees is also available online. If you need advice, benefits counselors are available to assist you. You can schedule an appointment or submit questions online here.

  • Retirement. Participation in a retirement plan is mandatory for all employees (including postdocs) and the plan selection can never be changed. If you do not select a retirement plan within 60 days of hire, the system will automatically default you to the Teachers Retirement System of Georgia (TRS). The TRS plan requires 10 years of work within the USG system, which is unlikely for most postdocs. For this reason, the Optional Retirement Plan (ORP) is selected by most postdocs. Instructions on how to select ORP can be found here.
  • Medical and Other Benefits. Participation is optional, and you must enroll within 30 days of hire.


For Affiliate Postdoctoral Scholars (postdoctoral fellowship recipients who are eligible for employee benefits):

You are eligible, but not required, to enroll in Georgia Tech’s voluntary student health insurance plan (SHIP). Instructions for how to enroll in the Voluntary plan can be found here: https://health.gatech.edu/finance/insurance.

  • Note that many fellowships or training grants can reimburse you for health insurance benefits premiums. Contact your grant manager or program director to check on how this may work.
  • Postdoctoral Scholars enrolled in the Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) may use STAMPS student health center on a fee-for service basis (billed to the health plan). STAMPS services are not available at no-charge, as may be indicated on the SHIPS website, because Postdoctoral Scholars do not pay the student health fee (nor can they opt to do so). To make an appointment, you must call and identify yourself as an “Postdoctoral Scholar”.
  • If you have any questions on about the SHIP and how to enroll, please direct them to Jennifer White (jennifer.white@health.gatech.edu).

Information Blurb: 
Enroll in Benefits (If Eligible)