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Appointment Procedures

The unit in which a postdoc is appointed is responsible for ensuring that appropriate procedures are followed and complete files are established at the time of appointment. All appointment packages should include official transcripts issued to Georgia Tech and showing the doctoral degree completion. For current postdocs who are transferring to another unit or starting a new postdoctoral position or for previous postdocs that are returning to Georgia Tech for a new postdoctoral appointment, units are required to submit a new offer (check with the unit Human Resources contact for guidance on what is required). All postdoctoral appointments are processed and approved by the Office of Faculty Affairs.  Faculty Affairs maintains centralized records for all research appointees.

Postdocs may teach courses and be instructor of record, if an agreement is reached between the postdoc, the faculty mentor, and the academic unit. Faculty Affairs grants grading privileges on a case-by-case basis using the process detailed here: Faculty Affairs ensures that the SACS-COC Faculty Credential Guidelines are followed and maintains centralized records of credentials for all instructors, including official transcripts issued to Georgia Tech.

All postdocs must obtain a Georgia Tech Buzzcard, providing access to physical facilities and online services, including access to libraries, parking, etc. All must complete the online Ethics and Haven (sexual assault prevention) training modules,  and other trainings and certifications as required by Georgia Tech, USG, and/or funding agencies. Postdocs must complete Responsible Conduct of Research Training if appointed to an applicable NIH or NSF project (see the RCR Compliance Policy).

Postdoctoral Fellows, Postdoctoral Teaching Fellows, Brittain Fellows, and postdocs with other academic appointments must follow all Georgia Tech employment procedures, which include completing payroll and benefits forms (as detailed on the Georgia Tech Office of Human Resources website). 
Postdoctoral Scholars will be entered into Georgia Tech’s personnel system so that their affiliation with Georgia Tech is established. The scholar will sign the Postdoctoral Scholar Volunteer Agreement prior to onboarding at the Office of Human Resources.

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Appointment Procedures