Monday, April 17, 2023, 11:00am-12:30pm, Kirkwood Room (273), Exhibition Hall


As first-generation students gain greater access to higher education, faculty at colleges and universities must provide intentional engagement that supports their persistence and graduation. Moreover, recent societal events have necessitated new models and approaches for engaging first-generation students. The COVID-19 pandemic and social justice issues have affected the higher education landscape. Engagement practices aimed to support first-generation college students must be able to address student needs in the changing campus environment.   


Referencing the programs and practices highlighted in the book, Developing and Implementing Promising Practices and Programs for First-Generation College Students, (Troy, et. al., 2022), this session will provide faculty with strategies on how to engage and support first-generation students. Through dialogue and sharing of best practices, attendees will generate ideas on how to connect first-generation students with programs and opportunities to help them build meaningful networks among their peers, other faculty members, and campus allies.  


Workshop facilitators:

Dr. Charmaine Troy, Associate Director of First-Generation Student Initiatives, Georgia Tech

Dr. Karen Jackson, Associate Dean for Advising Programs and Assistant Professor of Education, Georgia Gwinnett College