The Covid-19 pandemic has changed many things about teaching, but what remains true is that students learn more effectively when they are actively engaged in the learning process. The precautions we must all take to prevent the spread of the virus during in-person instruction mean that faculty will need to make changes to the active learning strategies that they have previously used in their courses. In this virtual session, participants will identify strategies for overcoming the challenges of active learning while physically distancing, including using classroom technology and low tech strategies for facilitating student engagement. Following the workshop, participants will have the option of sharing their plan for implementing physically distanced active learning in order to receive feedback from a colleague. 

Workshop Goals:

  • Identify challenges for engaging students actively in learning while social distancing
  • Identify strategies to overcome the challenges for active learning while social distancing, including through the use of classroom technologies
  • Evaluate which learning experiences in your course are best accomplished in person and which are better done online.


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