If you own a business and want to sell products and services on the market, do you have to register a trademark? What are the differences between a trademark and a patent, or trademarks and copyrights? How to search for existing marks to make sure yours is unique?

In this class, you will learn trademark basics, a quick overview of trademark databases, and additional resources. Handouts are included.

This class is a part of the Summer IP Class Series. After an introduction to trademarks, we will explore the free U.S. trademark databases, its features and additional tools for searching and checking registration status.

Audience: Entrepreneurs, business owners, students, researchers, and professionals.

The classes are offered online on multiple dates (6/3 and 7/8). Please select a date and register online.

These classes, offered by the Georgia Tech Patent and Trademark Resource Center (PTRC), Georgia Tech Library, are open to everyone on the Georgia Tech campus as well as in the public. All are welcome. For more information, please email: patentscoordinator@library.gatech.edu