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The Performance Management Cycle Gets Underway

The Georgia Tech Performance Management Cycle for 2016 is underway. All employee evaluations for 2016 are due to Georgia Tech Human Resources (GTHR) on March 31, 2017.

Performance management applies to all employees: staff, as well as academic and research faculty, including but not limited to those in part-time and temporary positions, retired-but-working individuals, visiting faculty, and postdoctoral fellows. The performance evaluation and goal-setting processes remain a critical focus for Georgia Tech as the Institute provides employees the opportunity to grow both personally and professionally. Beginning this year, GTHR is adopting a philosophy of Performance Management 365 to help ensure performance management is a priority throughout the year. As such, new tools including the Self-Assessment Form and One-on-One Performance Coaching Guide have been developed to assist employees and managers in this continuous feedback process. Click here to view these forms.

Recommended Timeline for 2016 Review

  • Feb. 15: Employee completes Self-Assessment Form and forwards a copy to manager. The Self-Assessment is a new tool and, while not mandatory, will assist employees and managers in better comparing performance to established goals throughout the year.
  • March 1: Manager completes an Annual Evaluation for each direct report and schedules a one-on-one conversation.
  • March 31: Manager completes all Annual Evaluation conversations and provides a signed copy of the evaluation to GTHR to be included in employee files.

Recommended Timeline for 2017 Goal Setting

  • Feb. 28: Manager disseminates overall goals and objectives to team.
  • March 31: Manager completes one-on-one conversation with each direct report, outlining individual performance objectives for the year. (While goal-setting forms are not required or due to GTHR, use is strongly encouraged.)

Learn more about the performance evaluation and goal-setting processes at

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